I see and paint the world in shapes, patterns and bright rich colors.  

I like giving the canvas the illusion of light and movement with the use of colorful layers of paint and geometric forms. We are surrounded by a universe of familiar but also hardly noticeable forms, patterns, dots or sequences. I like finding those in both architecture and nature and then re-imagine and reconstruct the two as one in my paintings. I’m actually obsessed with that. 

You can read and explore more about my work below in the artist statement section.  



2015 Hampstead, London Affordable Art Fair 2015 – Arteria Gallery, London, UK

2015 Battersea, London Affordable Art Fair 2015 – Arteria Gallery, London, UK

2014 Red Dot Art Fair Miami 2014, Miami, Florida

2014 Affordable Art Fair 2014 – Arteria Gallery, New York, NY

2014 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014 – Arteria Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2014 Battersea, London Affordable Art Fair 2014 – Arteria Gallery, London, UK

2013 Battersea, London Affordable Art Fair 2013 – Arteria Gallery, London, UK

2013 LA Art Show 2013 – Arteria Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Affordable Art Fair 2012 – Arteria Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Lumen Gallery, New York, NY

2012 Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Affordable Art Fair 2011-Arteria Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Lumen Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY

2010 Affordable Art Fair 2010 New York, NY

2010 Lyons Wier Gallery – Dexter Wimberly autumn art preview, New York, NY

2010 NU Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Lumen Gallery, New york, NY

2010 Community Cooperative Nursery School, Connecticut, CN

2010 Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY

2009 Got Art? The Creative Center, New York, NY

2009 * Off Duty Artezn , Brooklyn, NY

2002 * Our Name is Mud Studio , New York City , NY .

1999 Fresh 5, Academy Gallery, Utrecht , Holland .


My paintings are often made as story constructed canvases; exploring the forms of our surroundings, cities, architecture, landscapes and the state of arrested development that somehow typically occurs in urban environment.

I like examining the human relationship with nature and our urban habitats; how the two interact, how they affect us and how one is directly entwined with the other. I’m fascinated by the contrast between the natural landscape and the world created by us. Cities as complex urban incubators, images of poor neighborhoods, ruined houses, graffiti and wires coming out of them and the space between that world and the world of corporate, shiny glass and metal modern architecture. Often both of those worlds are just minutes away from each other and yet so hard to combine without being too literal or illustrative.

I look at what’s around me and I translate it into a visual form that makes it purely a product of my imagination. My paintings are just x-rayed images of that imagination. They stand by themselves, but put together they look like a two dimensional movie taking the viewer on a journey where darkness remains in realism and the visual noise of color and light changes everything to abstraction. My use of enamel and gloss paints opens the chance for reflection in the painting. A car in the painting shines the same way a real one does when collecting the surrounding city lights. The viewers’ shadows would move and deform the same way a shadow does when laid on the surface of a real car. It’s energy and motion made visible.

The most interesting part about my technique is probably the fact that I paint in a similar way as Jackson Pollock did. We both walk around the canvas and pour the paint on its surface in similar fashion. I use black backgrounds, crossing shiny lines and create explosions of light spots with often just one “favorite” brush. When I paint, I don’t have any beginning or any ending point. I paint with a general notion of what I’m about and what the results will be.



Yes I did. I studied for 6 years in HKU School of visual arts in Utrecht, Holland
and then I did a bit of time in SVA School of visual arts in New York.


It really depends on the work, but the materials I use are often pretty basic. I paint mainly with acrylic paints. For the last 3 years, I’ve been very much into using TriArt gesso, both black and white. I really like the quality of TriArt. I also like to mix glossy and matte paints and I experiment a lot with those. Sometimes I really enjoy painting with some graffiti paints and paint bottles (Grog is one of them)
For some detailed work I mostly use Posca or Pentel pens.Most of the time I’m happy with whatever I can get hold of as long as it’s acrylic.When I sketch or do mindless drawings I use regular pens or a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.


I usually get influenced by my surroundings. I also love architecture as well as everything that has a pattern or could create a pattern. I love dots and unusual forms.I’m quite fascinated by light and reflection, especially at night. I like how darkness can transform and reshape the natural proportions of an object.
I also noticed that a lot of my color choices are based on the country or city where I paint.For example, in New York my paintings tend to get a bit more beige, brownish and dull colored.When I paint in the Caribbean (I spend a lot of time in a small Caribbean island) my color choices become much more vibrant and bold.


I like cutting my own wood and making my own stretchers. It allows me to have any size and thickness I want and not stick to whatever you can find in the store. I like having “door thick” canvas stretchers. I also stretch them all myself using linen or cotton.
Basically, I cut, build up and stretch all canvases myself.




For my lines I use liner brushes. I actually paint almost exclusively with liner brushes for both lines and everything else. I usually use Princeton Select liner brushes and I change them with new ones after every 2-3 paintings as they get easily worn out. Lately I started using some handmade liner brushes like Trekell and Rosemary&Co. and I really like them.

If you’d like to have a closer look at my work, techniques and the materials I use, I try to maintain a good visual step by step record of it all on my Instagram accountYou can also read about publications, current or past exhibitions and important events in the news section of this website or sign up for my mailing list.